Conference Schedule

Reducing Energy Cost at the time of Exploding Energy Prices

3 - 4 December 2022

Crystal Ball Room - CBR, Karachi Marriott Hotel

Saturday, the 3rd December 2022

Conference Opening - Day 1

Paper 1 : Tim Wentz:

A Human Behavior Approach to Net Zero Energy Buildings

HIRA Industries

Products Presentation

Paper 2: Arcadio Jesus:

Role of Thermal Insulation in Achieving Building Energy efficiency

Prayer & Lunch Break

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Paper 3: Khalid Gulzar :

Prudent Choices in AHU Design can reduce Energy Cost

ICEBERG Industries

Product Presentation

Paper 4: Yasin M. Hashim:

Construction and Configuration of Energy Efficient AHUs

Hybrid Building Solution (Pvt.) Ltd.

Product Presentation

Paper 5: Qaiser Abbas:

Energy Efficiency AHU's in Healthcare. What it means to comply with regional efficiency regulations.


Panel Discussion 1 :

Made in Pakistan or Not! Closing the financial and Energy gap

Moderator: Yousuf Hasan
Consultants: Waqas Jaffri, Farhan Mehboob
Engineers Farhan Mehboob - SMC
International Expert: Tim Wentz
Manufacturers: Ahmed Gulzar, Jahangir Shah Khan
Academia/Expert: Dr. Muhammad Uzair (NED University of Engineering & Technology)
Contractor: Mohammad Sarwar

Close of Day 1 Conference

Sunday, the 4th December 2022

Conference Opening - Day 2

Paper 6: Fahim Siddiqui:

Check List for Design of HVAC Systems for High Efficiency Buildings

Greaves Air Conditioning Pvt. Ltd

Product Presentation

Paper 7: Ehteshamuddin Khan:

Dynamic Performance Analysis for Electric Chillers under various operating profiles

Prayer & Lunch Break

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Paper 8: Tahir Raza:

Role of TAB in HVAC System Performance and energy efficiency

Welkin Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.

Product Presentation

Paper 9: Mahmoudul Haq:

Energy optimization and building management systems

Turkish HVACR Exporters - Air Pro Control

Product Presentation

Paper 10: Farhan A. Mehboob - CEO - S. Mehboob & Company Consulting Engineers

The Carbon - Energy Nexus! How to reduce energy consumption in Existing Buildings.

Turkish HVACR Exporters - EKOTEK Heat Technology and VIRA

Product Presentation

Tea Break

"Panel Discussion 2: IBMS in Pakistan : Practical or Not?

Moderator: Adeeba Mehboob
Consultants: Tahir Raza and Yousuf Hasan
Client Rep: Haris Farooqui
Manufacturer: Mahmoud ul Haq - IMS
Contractor: Mustafa Husayn
International Experts: Dr. Hesham Safwat, Dennis Knight

Close of Conference

Reducing Energy Cost the time of Exploding Energy Prices”
A Two-Day Conference with Panel Discsssions

It’s no secret energy costs have sky rocketed in the past few months, doubling upand showing no signs of pulling back on its upward trend. Our businesses and economy are also suffering on various accounts be it currency devaluation or inflation. But, what role can we as the HVACR Industry play in such difficult times? Though buildings around the world consume approximately 30% of the total energy use with HVAC Systems accounting for 40% of that, it is estimated that in Pakistan,this percentage is much higher. Our buildings are consuming almost half of our total energy use and 55% of that are on account of HVAC Systems. This impact is further exacerbated bythe fact that our power generation plants can go down to 40% efficiencies. That energy efficient HVAC Systems are crucial to mitigating the energy crisis being faced today and potentially worse in the future cannot be ignored.

The ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter is hosting its second HVACR Trends Event on the 3rd and 4th of December, 2022, addressing this very issue with an overarching theme titled “Reducing Energy Costs in a time of Exploding Energy Prices”. The 2 day conference and panel discussions will cover Energy Savings Potential from Passive buildingdesign using Insulation, Air Handling and Chiller Plant Design and Operations, Building Automation and Controls Testing, Adjusting and Balancing, and even Human behaviour and its Approach to Net Zero Energy Buildings. We have international and local speakers from across the industry including consultants, contractors, manufacturers, educators, clients and more. Like last year, our expo will allow for the attendees to not only participate in the conference but see and gather more specific product information related to the same discussions, with representation of a wide spectrum of local and international vendors in our stalls.

We are excited to see all stakeholders of the industry present again at this year’s event to once again discuss, debate, educate and push the way forward to creating more energy efficient building designs and systems in not only reducing our Energy costs, but more importantly addressing Pakistan’s Energy Crisis.